Zane Hardfield
Andrew Comics character
First appearance Welcome to Scotland
23 December 2012
Last appearance One More Adventure
12 April 2013
Created by MEGAKID III

Zane Hardfield is a main character in Andrew Comics from 2012—13. Zane has a strong friendship over Andrew when they first met


Zane was brought up in New York, his father died when he was young and his mother died when he was only 8 years old, he only has his auntie to look after him

Move to Scotland

Zane moved to Scotland as he was only 13 years old, he bought a motorcycle and drived it over the Tay Road Bridge in Dundee. Zane stayed in a hotel for that night.

The morning after, Zane rided up Perth Road and stopped outside Harris Academy, a teacher spots him and tells him to get off the school grounds. Andrew then meets him and tries to deconfenscat his motorcycle. Zane and Andrew fight on the motorcycle and a police officer from the Dundee Police Service tries to catch them.

Zane and Andrew are caught, Andrew gets put back to school and Zane gets sent to the police station at Riverside where he meets his sister, Jenna.


Zane was killed off with Danny and Jenna after they were in a critic meltdown on a ship


Zane is kindful though he can get in to fights that easily