Paul ter Voorde was a friend of Edd Gould. He has made a numerous amount of cameos within the series. As of
Paul The Aminator

Paul in Eddsworld: Legacy

2012, Paul is now the full time animator of Eddsworld due to the passing of Edd Gould. His YouTube account is paultoons


Paul had been a friend of Edd for about the same amount of time that he has Tom Ridgewell, and eventually moved to London from Holland to work closer with him.

After Edd Gould's death on March 25th, 2012, Paul became the full time animator of Eddsworld, and now lives with Tom. Paul had worked on the show (albeit, in a minor way) prior to Edd's death. Besides the numerous cameos his character has made, Paul also designed "Hillary's Dream Team" action-movie esque art for Moving Targets. He first experienced animating Eddsworld with the 2010 Christmas Special, Zanta Claws 3, where he and Matt provided additional animation.