Paul ter Voorde is a recurring guest character in the Eddsworld series. Edd has known Paul for a number of

Eddsworld character
First appearance Zombeh Attack 2
Latest appearance Fun Dead
Created by Edd Gould

years and is good friends with him, hence his constant involvement with the series. He can be generally recognized usually by his character's unusually large eyebrows and a cigarette. His first appearance was in Eddsworld Zombeh Attack 2 and he has appeared in several others since then. His job is at a military base. He may also have a co-job as a pilot. Pictures of him can be seen inside Edd's house in some episodes, such as Hammer and Fail. Paul has also been occasionally credited for additional animation even before Edd Gould's death. Paul has never smiled in the series and is shown to have a Dutch French accent

List of Paul's Appearances

  • Zombeh Attack 2: Paul was one of the many citizens to have turned into a zombeh.
  • Zombeh Nation: In the underground when Matt has retreived his weapon Paul bends over him and is hit in the face with a mop. Paul was one of the two pilots searching for survivors in the zombeh infested train station. He is responsible for the deaths of Edd, Tom, Matt, and Tord.
  • Moving Targets: Paul was one of the two guards at the military base, where he didn't care about what the other guard said.
  • Money (That's what I want): A picture of Paul can be seen in the hallway.
  • Zanta Claws II: On one of Zanta's security cameras, Paul is seen sitting on a bench.
  • Movie Makers: Paul was, yet again, a guard at a military base where he was fooled by Edd into letting him steal a tank. Also he can be seen upside-down in a painting on Edd's house.
  • Climate Change: Paul was working at a power plant, where he didn't care about Edd's overuse of electricity ("And your point is?").
  • WTFuture: Paul was one of the people to eat at Bob's Diner. He was sitting behind Edd and the gang.
  • Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders): A picture of Paul is in Edd's house when Tom is drilling through a wall.
  • Happy Birthday Tord: He is mentioned in the credits, when it says "With thanks to certain people from certain places (Yes Paul, that includes you)"
  • Hammer & Fail (Part 2, Rooftop Rumble) : Whilst Edd and Tom are walking up to the Attic around 6:19, a photo similar to a blueprint of Paul can be seen in the middle. Paul is also walking outside a fence when Eduardo and Edd are arguing.
  • Space Face: He is found floating in space with Hellucard at the starting credits. Also, one of the aliens has Paul's famous unibrow, the same alien is featured in the second part of the episode. Notice Paul is holding an alien gun. Also notice Hellucard is dead and a bullet hole is seen in his air helmet
  • The Snogre: He is saw on the plane as a co-pilot, he yells "Iceburg, dead ahead!", the pilot replies "Uh...we are in a plane", then Paul replies "Oh yeah...CLOUDBERG!!!" It then shows an iceberg on a cloud, as they crash into it and the plane explodes. In the scene after, they are seen in the background parachuting to the ground.


  • Paul is one of two recurring characters shown to have smoked a cigarette. The other is Tord.
  • Paul is Dutch