London Underground logo in Zombeh Nation

London Underground is a subway-line network across the city of London, the largest and capital city of the United Kingdom


Matt was on the London Underground when he came across zombehs (Zombeh Nation)

Andrew finds an old London Underground station which was hidden on the network map. He told Edd and the gang about it and the underground railway station is destroyed after Edd and the gang go on a really really old train (The Forbidden Annex)

A London Underground station was saw as a bombing shelter in the 1940s Blitz (Protector of All Worlds)

The London Underground will have a cameo appearance with passengers rumbling on the train (Opening of the Damned)


  • Zombeh Nation
  • The Forbidden Annex
  • Protector of All Worlds
  • Opening of the Damned
  • Going Underground