Eddsworld character
First appearance Hammer and Fail
Last appearance Space Face: Part Two (cameo)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Created by Edd Gould

Jon is a supporting character, in the episode; Hammer and Fail Part 1 & 2 and Space Face: Part 2 as a cameo. He is seemingly a negative twin of the character; Tom


185px-Space face part 2 15

Jon with Eduardo and Mark

He carries a resemblance to Tom, the difference being, Jon has smaller eyes, hair and a jacket instead of a hoodie.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Though it may not seem it, Jon has eyes unlike Tom but rather, mammothic pupils which can cover his eyes surface entirely so to be only seen as black.


Jon has a British accent of the southern (London) area, as does his friend Mark. He isn't as courageous as Tom and is a bit of a wimp, as Eduardo constantly insults him and attacks him because he fails when he tries to be a villian, for example, punching him in the face for that but sometimes he is scolding him even though he is right.