Jonathan Gran is a friend of Edd Gould and a character that has appeared in an Eddsworld short, parodying his

Jonathan Gran
Eddsworld character
First appearance JukinoMoe
Last appearance N/A
Created by Joe

erratic behaviour, called JukinoMoe. He has a crazy attitude and wears a green shirt

Jon entered the Eddsworld Competition in 2008 with a short about an animated Edd being captured, decapitated and eaten by the real life Joe.

He made it into the Top 11 videos and then was came 5th after the puplic votes.

After Jon made a parody of Eddsworld called Eddsworld USA Edd responded by making a short about his encounter with Joe, who breaks down into random gibberish, parodying how crazy and erratic his videos are. The video then ended with a more realistic Joe watching the video on his computer and questioning "Why?"

Jon also voiced one of the Sun Chasers of Nema in Space Face, who crashed his ship into the sun without realising it would kill him. He also appeared in the Eddsworld: Legacy Fundraiser. He is rather famous on YouTube, and has made many popular animations, most notably "Irod Bad", an Iron Man parody.