I Like Trains Kid
Eddsworld character
710947 1304793662055 fullI Like Trains Kid as saw in asdfmovie3
First appearance asdfmovie2
Last appearance asdfmovie6
Alisases Edd
Country of origin United Kingdom
Created by Thomas Ridgewell aka Tomska

I Like Trains Kid (or Edd) is a character in the asdfmovie series. The I Like Trains Kid is basically Edd, you can see beause of the hair.


Birth and Early LifeEdit


I Like Trains Kid is born and given to his mother

I Like Trains Kid was born in the United Kingdom, his parents were worried because he never spoke a word. At one point, he also loved airplanes as his mother said to him when she was feeding him food "Here comes the airplane" then a few seconds after a real airplane crashes into his house (asdfmovie6)
First day of school to a Marriage
his thing of saying " I like trains", is very bad because every time someone dies. > > proposes a woman
whenever Edd gets called on he will say the following words (on the last column) > > says 'I like trains", and kills wife by a train very brutal
"I like trains"; what Edd says > > Never married always single unlike couples he does not have any words to speak only "I like trains"
On his first day of school, his teacher asked his name but the

I Like Trains Kid's first day at school

only thing he said back to the class was "I Like Trains".  After a while, they put riddle to see if that could help the I Like Trains Kid to stop saying "I Like Trains". The Doctor asked how he felt and for the first time of his life, he said "I feel great!". At the time he had gotten bad grades by his teachers possibly because he only thought about trains at that time.

After School and MarriageEdit


I Like Trains Kid at his wedding which turned out wrong

After he finished school, he got a fancy unknown job and met a nice girl who was yet to be his wife. He had a house, grades and qualitys going well until his wedding day when his wife and himself stood at the alter. He put the ring on her finger and said "I Like Trains" and she killed by a train leaving him not married.

In asdfmovieEdit

I Like Trains Kid first appeard in asdfmovie2, he was the third person to appear who said "I Like Trains", a few seconds later he was hit by a train. His mother brought cookies to the table and the I Like Trains Kid just said "I Like Trains" when al the other children were saying "Coooookkiiiees!". His father asked what was he up to and he replied "I Like Trains". His father, Harold then said "Yes you do son, yes you do" and by that time he looked at the viewers watching (asdfmovie2)

He was watching a man that stepped on a potato and just sayed "I Like Trains" and then the man and the potato were crushed by a train which the man shouted at the I Like Trains Kid saying "No, no, no!" (asdfmovie3)

The I Like Trains Kid didn't appear in asdfmovie 4 or asdfmovie5 but in asdfmovie4, only his parents appeard in the episode as at that time, his mother was a chair pretending to be a human being and his father, Harold said "You are a chair darling" and she replied back "I CAN DREAM HAROLD". (asdfmovie4)

Unknown eventsEdit

  • At one point in his life, he met the Mine Turtle


  • Harold (father)
  • Unknown mother