Eddsworld character
First appearance Reuined
Last appearance Space Face
Created by Edd Gould

Hellucard (aka Dom) has appeared in the Eddsworld series many times with his famous line, "Ey He(a)d!" . There is no history behind Hellucard. Out of the four, he only seems to have interest in Edd, as Matt, Andrew and Tom are completely ignored. He wears a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Hellucard is Canadian, it was reavealed in Space Face, he had a Canadian flag on his space suit. His YouTube is ImHellucard.

List of Hellucard's Appearances

  • Ruined: A picture of him can be seen on a hieroglyphic.
  • Spares: Hellucard was outside the movie theater saying "Ey Head!" to every Edd clone.
  • Climate Change: Hellucard was mistaken for a tsunami by Edd.
  • WTFuture: Hellucard says "Ey Head!" to Edd & gets killed by Future Edd.
  • Hammer & Fail Pt.2: A picture of him is seen in Insta Roof building, telling workers not to accept cheques from him.
  • Space Face: Surprisingly, a dead Hellucard makes a short cameo in Space Face, where he's flying lifeless in space during the intro with a sign next to him saying "Ey Head"
  • Hellucard Ignores Us: He is a major part in the episode when Andrew finds out how Hellucard keeps ignoring him, Matt and Tom