Name: Harry
First Appearance: Mystic Medley
Tenure: 2012
Last Appearance: Zombieland (dies)
Voice Actor: KashyBomber

Harry is one of the main characters in Eddsworld


Harry has brown hair with a bit of hair sticking out. He wears his favorite orange hoodie with a white t-shirt under it. He wears tan pants and blue sneakers.


Harry was flying in an airplane when it crashed. Luckily, Harry survived. He searched for a home when he found Matt standing on the front yard. He became friends with him and Matt greeted his other friends to Harry. (Lost Souls)

Harry was arrested for a while but Edd and the gang go into the past to 1941 but when a major change happens Harry runs off (The Forbidden Annex)

Harry was almost turned into a statue (Angels Don't Frighten Me!)

Harry died by being bit by a zombie (Zombieland)


  • Harry's signature drink is Pepsi.
  • Harry uses his right hand, but at rare times he uses his left.
  • He has a scar on his arm, but doesn't want to talk about it.


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