Harris Academy is the name of the high school Andrew, Zane and Jenna go to. The location of the high school is in
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Harris Academy in real life

the city of Dundee. The high school is to appear in Andrew.


The school was founded in 1885 by William Harris. In 2013, Zane and Jenna jumped out of a police helicopter to get to Harris after Jenna was moved to Dundee from Orlando to protect
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William Harris, the founder of Harris Academy

Dundee from any danger. Zane is attending there with Jenna who is in sixth year (Welcome to Scotland)

Andrew went back to Scotland and went to the school to steal a time machine at the 32nd Harris Academy Science Fair to save Harry as he was sent back in time (Angels Don't Frighten Me!)

Trivia Edit

  • Harris Academy is a real school located on Perth Road in the Riverside area of Dundee
  • Harris Academy is the oldest and largest public school in Dundee
  • The Harris Academy site will get knocked down in 2013 and the pupils will move to Rockwell High, another school in Dundee