Gwen Williams
Name: Gwen Williams
First Appearance: Asylum of the Zombehs
Tenure: 2012-2014
Last Appearance: Opening of the Damned
Voice Actor: Jenna-Louise Coleman

Gwen Williams is a character who appears in Asylum of the Zombehs. She was a known criminal.


Early life

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Gwen tried to steal a pearl necklace from ASDA, she was caught and sent to 2 years at a prison, she escaped and then joined the crew of the Atlantis ship so she could get away from the officers. New Scotland Yard tried to track her but she was gone by the time they tried to find her. Gwen then was trapped underground for a year before Andrew, Edd, Tom and Matt found her.


Gwen was just walking down a street when 2 zombehs knocked her out and sent her underground in a capsule. She had a computer built into the capsule, she hacked into the Zombeh data and killed them from the dataalthough at the end of the day, Edd, Tom, Matt and Andrew couldn't rescue her from the capsule as it was way underground (Asylum of the Zombehs)


Gwen returned as she was talking to the gang again to try and escape from the Zombehs. Andrew told Gwen that police are stopping to trace her as she stole jewelery from ASDA from 2 years before. Gwen was telling Andrew she managed to find a way out but it wouldn't be ready for a few months. Gwen said to the gang, "there shall be more waiting" (Zombieland)

Gwen appeard as a cameo (Trip to the US)


  • Gwen is simiular to Clara Oswald from Doctor Who
  • Gwen's name was inspired from Gwen Cooper from Torchwood and Doctor Who
  • Clara Oswald from Doctor Who is played by Jenna-Louise Coleman who also voices Gwen in the series