Edd's Diary

Book cover

Book Information
Author: Andrew Batchelor
Published: N/A (Private book)

Edd's Diary is an made-up book created using Word 2013.

Writer's Comment / Synopsis

Eddsworld is a show created by the late Edd Gould (1988-2012). He loved creating comics about his playground friends and inspired by Wayne’s World, Edd decided to call his comics Eddsworld. He then made friends with Thomas Ridgewell and Matthew Hargreaves. Then Eddsworld turned into a cartoon, Edd then found out he had cancer which he fought but then Edd fought cancer again and he sadly passed away on the morning of the 25th March 2012. Paul ter Voorde then came to animate half of Space Face: Part One and he also animated Space Face: Part Two and then the rest of the Eddsworld episodes to replace Edd’s animations. But never ever will we stop thinking of Edd Gould, he is in heaven now, feeling very proud of Tom, Matt and Paul for keeping his world spinning. We will miss you Edd Gould’’

- Andrew Batchelor (Writer)


The book is about Edd's diary he writes in about his feelings based on the real show


  • It is like Diary of a Wimpy Kid but a little bit diffirent
  • Tord only appears on the cover, not in the book
  • The date starts with New Year's Eve
  • Edd mentions in his diary that Tom tried to destroy Christmas again