Edd style
Name: Edd
First Appearance: Edd Again
Tenure: 2004-
Voice Actor: Edd Gould (2004-2012)
Tim H (2012-)

Edd is the main character of Eddsworld

Physical Appearance

Edd usually wears his signature green hoodie and under it is a white shirt, marked "Smeg Head" (A quote from "Red Dwarf"). Once, in a drawing though, Edd wore a shirt almost exactly the same except for the text which said "Smeg Mate". Edd also has dark brown hair and black eyes.

Coca Cola and Bacon Addiction

Edd has shown to have an addiction to Coca Cola and bacon. He was easily distracted by a Coke commercial and his favorite food and beverage are bacon and Coca Cola. He also owns a lucky Coke can which he just found on the ground, presumably in a park.

Alternative Forms

Throughout the series Edd has been seen in many different forms and disguises.

I Like Trains Kid

Edd is basically the I Like Trains Kid, you can see his hair is the same as Edd
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Edds from Different Time Periods

Future Edd first appeared in WTFuture so he could destroy past Edd to commit parodoxical suicide. He wanted to destroy his past self because in the future, cola was banned worldwide and he wanted to spare himself from his grim fate. Sir Edd, Eddius, Eddison, and Edg also first appeared in WTFuture. They were all brought to the regular Edd's time period as backup for Future Edd but became extremely frightened by modern things and all went ballistic.


Eddie is an Edd parody made by Ukinojoe. This is the U.S.A. version of Edd where he is obese, has a beard and cap, and is a stereotypical frat boy. He along with Tommie discuss dates and make fun of Mattie.

Real Life Edd

Main article: Edd Gould

Edd's voice actor, animator and creator died on March the 25th 2012 after losing his 6 year long battle with Cancer, and he stared in one last eddisode, Space Face Part 1. Tom recently stated on the Eddsworld Facebook page:

"Hey Eddheads. My name is Tom Ridgewell (you might know me as the one from Eddsworld with black eyes). For the past 8 years I have been the producer, co-writer and co-director of Eddsworld. Edd was also my friend and.. Well.. You can imagine that this isn't an easy time. Not for any of us; be it family, friend or fan. I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest condolences to everyone has been hit hard by Edd's passing. I'm so sorry. But I knew Edd and how much he hated sadness. He dedicated his life to laughter after all! I'm not trying to cut the grieving period short but a lot of you have been worried so I'd like to take a moment to answer one of the questions you've all been asking. 'What's going to happen to Eddsworld?' Me and Edd always talked (and joked) about what we'd do with the show if he wasn't going to make it. But we never really settled on anything particular. We always thought we had time.. But before Edd left he made it clear to his mother that he didn't want his show to end. Not with his death. Not after everything he and so many others had put into it.Edd wanted me - he wanted us - to keep the show alive. And that is exactly what I'm going to do. Eddsworld lives. Obviously Edd took his voice with him. I can't help that. But I'll do my best to make it right. To give his character a new voice.Please understand.. I can't bring him back. God knows I wish I could. All I can do is honour his memory and his wishes by giving you the best damn show you've ever seen. So stay tuned.The world goes round, Eddheads. The world goes round." It has been confirmed that Tim Hautekiet has been appointed the new voice actor for the character of Edd on the show.

List of Deaths

Similar to Kenny from South Park, Edd has died many times in Eddsworld. Here is a list of his deaths in the mainstream episodes and shorts.*Whacked with a sledgehammer wielded by Matt - Eddsworld Halloween Short 2005

  • Mistaken for a zombeh and shot by a helicopter - Zombeh Nation
  • Bitten by a zombeh - Zombeh Attack 3(survived from death AS SHOWN on
  • Had the top of his head sliced off - Eddsworld Halloween Special 2007
  • Accidently killed by Tom with the stake gun - Matt Sucks
  • Drowned in his (and Tom's) house - Rock Bottom