Commander Bai is a alien on Eddsworld. He first appears in Space Face, and he also appears in A Mysterious

Commander Bai
Eddsworld character
Commander Bi
First appearance Space Face
Last appearance A Mysterious Foe
Created by Edd Gould



Edd naturally has a initial dislike toward him, Commander Bai is a incredibly kind alien, kind enough to even show Edd and the others around his space craft.He is also shown to have a bit of a mischeivous side, as he gave Tom a weapon that zapped Matt when he was freaking out about being abducted. He also has a little adiction to Space Beer.AppearanceEditHe is orange and has a large green eye. As a result of Space Booze, he is somewhat overweight, and is seen with several lumps on him.Before he appeared to be what he was, he was slim, had no rough lumps, and very good looking. That is until they got trapped in space and resorted to drinking Space Booze


Commander Bai abducted Edd, Tom, and Matt for he found Matt to be "handsome". He and the rest of his alien species were on a mission for space beer when their space craft went on hyper drive, due to the carelessness of another alien on board. He had dedicated years to trying to find his way back home, which is a planet that looks similar to Earth but while they were gone, they got overly obese and less attractive looking, which made the ship lose power. They were stuck in the vast universe for years, and are still looking for a way back. (Space Face: Part One)

After Matt repaired the ship's vanity drive with his vanity, Bai and his friendly crew congradulated Matt and then revealed a more evil side of himself. Bai and his crew tried to shove Edd, Tom and Matt into the Garbage disposal unit but instead of them being put in the garbage unit, he accindently pressed the wrong button by making him being released into space making him die. (Space Face: Part Two)


  • His name was thought to be Commander "Bi" until it was corrected.Curiously,
  • Bai's lipsync style is different from everyone else's for a good chunk of the animation.
  • It appears as if Edd had only partially animated Bai before Paul took over, even in parts made before his death. (Ie: when Edd and gang first arrive on the ship, Bai's lipsync is continuously switching between Edd and Paul)