Eddsworld episode
"Asylum of the Zombehs"
Andrew and Tom are looking at Matt who is excited
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 1
Original airdate October 3, 2012
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Asylum of the Zombehs is the first episode of PremierNetwork's Eddsworld


A new family moves next door to Edd. Andrew, who is one of the family members meet Edd, Tom and Matt and they become friends with him. But Matt falls into a hole which leads to an Asylum of Zombehs when Edd, Tom and Andrew must save him


Edd appears with Tom as they both head to the back yard but they see a mud shaped in a circle, Tom then sees a modern rectangle shaped curved room built on the house next door to them, Tom states to Edd that the curvey rectangle roof has not been there before. Edd laters sees a family coming out of a Volkswagen Up!. Matt later goes to see the new neighbors which are outside and greets them, Matt is to excited that there were neighbors next door again.

Edd and Tom follow Matt, they see a boy wearing a lime hoody, he had ginger hair and a yellow t-shirt, he said to

Andrew and Edd meet outside Andrew's new house

Edd, Tom and Matt that he was called Andrew . Andrew then states that it is nice to meet Edd, Tom and Matt. Andrew walks into the backyard of his new house and he looks to Edd's backyard stating there is circle full of mud, Edd explains to Andrew that it has been there for 1 or 2 hours.

Later they all see the the circle of mud open, Andrew then runs to they're backyard, Matt looks down the hole and Tom pushes him, Edd pushes Tom and Andrew pushes Edd, Andrew then jumps down the hole aswell.


Andrew and Tom don't relise that Zombeh Matt is behind them

Edd has a plan stating that Andrew and Tom go together and himself and Matt go together, Tom looks at a shadow, it looks like a human shaped body but then Tom relises that the human shaped body was a zombeh, Tom then shouts "ZOMBEHS!!!!" He and Andrew run as fast as they can. They find loads of zombehs.

Tom hears "AHHHHH SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!" Tom then runs to see who is shouting that. Tom sees Edd lying on the ground and Matt being bit by a zombeh, Zombeh Matt chases Andrew and Tom, they stop for a puff and Andrew and Tom don't relise that Matt is behind them, Matt prepares to bite Andrew but he gets his sledge hammer which is hiding in his lime hoody and wallops Matt.

Tom runs away and he finds a safety cristyle hidding on the walls, he then steps on it and then Tom sees Matt's green skin faid away back to peach and then Edd turns back to human as well. Tom and Andrew give each other a hi-five.

They leave the Zombeh Asylum and Edd's backyard turns back to normal, Edd then says to Andrew, "Thank you very much for saving me and Matt in that crazy Zombeh Asylum, you can join our gang" Andrew later says "Yes, thank youy very much Edd!".


Tom and Andrew look at Edd's backyard

Tom then asks Andrew if he can see his bedroom because Tom has never saw the extension onto Andrew's new house. Tom enters the room with Andrew, Matt and Edd. Matt is still hyper after a new negibor lives next door to them. Edd thinks Andrew's bedroom is very cool.

Tom looks outside the room and sees there house, Tom likes how the extension is built. Matt later trips in the room and Edd, Tom and Andrew laugh


  • This episode is the very first time Tord has not appeard in a Zombeh episode (Zombeh Attack, Zombeh Attack 2, Zombeh Attack 3, Zombeh Nation)
  • This is the fifth appearance of the Zombehs (Zombeh Attack, Zombeh Attack 2, Zombeh Attack 3, Zombeh Nation, Asylum of the Zombehs)
  • This episode features Paul ter Voorde's animations
  • The episode was planning to be released in July but got delayed to October
  • This episode was dedicated to Edd Gould who died in March 2012
  • Andrew joins Edd's gang
  • The Eddsworld title sequence changes
  • Kim and Kenya are mentioned
  • Andrew mentions Ibiza

DVD release

The episode was be released on Eddsworld: The Complete First Series


The episode will release on this DVD


  • Tord may return in this episode as a guest (false)
  • Edd turns into a zombie (true)
  • Matt turns into a zombie (true)
  • Andrew and Tom must find a way to free Edd and Matt (true)
  • Andrew's brother may appear (false)

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