Eddsworld episode
"A Mysterious Foe"
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Andrew trapped in the pod
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 4
Original airdate October 26, 2012
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A Mysterious Foe is an episode of Eddsworld by PremierNetwork


After a ship invades Commander Bai's spaceship, Bai has to choose Edd, Tom, Matt or Andrew to be trapped in a pod to get the enemy's plan to work. Andrew is chosen but Edd, Tom and Matt must go threw a maze to get to Andrew.


Andrew picks up mail from the door and then gives it to his mum, he then goes over to Edd and then he sees Tom talking to Edd in the backyard, Edd says to Tom that what he saw in Norway was a joke.

Andrew comes and says to Tom, what's going on???. Tom says to Andrew that he saw a little girl with blondie hair and a blue t-shirt that told me to warn you about something in the future.

Andrew thinks to himself, "What could that mean", then suddenly Edd, Tom and Andrew get abducted by someone and then Matt comes out in the garden and the alien abducts him as well.

Andrew falls in the pod and Edd, Matt and Tom just fall on the floor. Andrew says to Edd, "Who's this". Edd answers to Andrew "COMMANDAR BAI!!!!" A orange-alien comes out from a door and says to Edd, Matt, Tom and Andrew "Hello again pink-skins and orangey-red guy!"

Edd asks why Bai abducted them again.

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DVD releaseEdit

The episode was released on Eddsworld: The Complete First Series


The episode will release on this DVD


  • Edd
  • Andrew
  • Tom
  • Matt
  • Commander Bai
  • The Enemy
  • Little Girl (Extended Cameo)



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